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1 A Review on Energy Conservation Using Solar Energy And Radiant Cooling Abin Sam Jacob, Deepu A.S, Joseph Thomas, Tharun Devasia, M. Francis Luther King Click here to download
2 A review on mechanical behaviors of natural fiber based hybrid reinforced composite laminates S.Anbarasu , K.Sugash , N.S.Balaji , S.Jayabal , M.ArockiaJaswin, M.D.Prakash Click here to download
3 A study on energy conservation in industrial drive systems T.Muthuramalingam , K.Harish kumar, Click here to download
4 Adsorption refrigeration system – A review Rajamani N. Click here to download
5 Alternate Fuel – A literature review Srinivasan. V , M.francis Luther king , Purushothaman T Click here to download
6 Analysing the impact of using personal computers on human C7-spinal bone V.selvi , k.vimalanathan Click here to download
7 Analysis of thermal characteristic in high speed motorized spindle using FEA K.Vinothkumar and Dr R.Rajappan Click here to download
8 Basalt Fiber: An ancient material for innovative and modern application M. Francis Luther King, V. Srinivasan and T. Purushothaman Click here to download
9 CFD Analysis of aircraft wing flaps S.Vandaarkuzhali, R.Manikandan 54 Click here to download
10 CFD analysis on the performance of a conical diffuser with swirling flow Tarun M, A Siddarth Arumugam, Ebenezer D, Sarah Ann Ramji, Bharath Ramachandran, Prakash Ramasamy Click here to download
11 Design and analysis of an articulated robot arm V.Srinivasan , Micheal Balraj Click here to download
12 Design And Analysis of Corner less Port Trailer Walking Beam Suspension Assembly G.Kumar Click here to download
13 Design and Analysis of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger By Using CFD Dr.R.Rajappan, R.Azhaguvelu Click here to download
14 Design and development of pico-hydro power plant by using agricultural water V. Thulasidharan, P. Sabarinathan Click here to download
15 Design and simulation of double piston four stroke spark ignition engine F. Tanveer Ahmed , R. Mohammed Idrees Ahmed Click here to download
16 Design of hybrid composite joints for research area S. Lokesh , H. Mohit Click here to download
17 Design of sophisticated gear shifting for ease propelling of automobles S.Praveen kumar, J.Rajasekar, Click here to download
18 Effect of CNG and Neem Oil Blends on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine – A Comparative Analysis F. Muhammed Nizamuddin and R.I. Imran Khan Click here to download
19 Effect of coir fiber length on the mechanical properties of coconut shell powder / polyester resin composites K.Vignesh , U.Natarajan , P.Pachiyappan Click here to download
20 Energy conservation using thermoelectric generator Paul Raju , Libin Raju , Yohannan V.Scaria , George Jose , N.Rajamani Click here to download
21 Experimental investigation of pulse generators in electrical discharge machining T.Muthuramalingam , B.Mohan Click here to download
22 Fatigue analysis of a diesel piston ring by using FEA K.Kadambanathan, E.Selvan Click here to download
23 FEA Approach to dynamic analysis of crankshaft Alex.K.D, Arjun.P, Hassan.K , Vyshak.P Click here to download
24 Finite element analysis of aircraft wing using composite structure R.Rajappan, V.Pugazhenthi Click here to download
25 Finite Element Modeling of Residual Stresses Induced By Machining With Round Edge Cutting Tools E. Muthu , N.S. Balaji , S. Jayabal Click here to download
26 Heat transfer characteristics of ethylene glycol/silver nano fluids S. Lokesh Click here to download
27 Improving Efficiency of the Process and Safety by Low Cost Automation V.Srinivasan , Veeranaath.V , Santhakumar.J Click here to download
28 Introduction to TRIZ concept K.Vignesh , U.Natarajan Click here to download
29 Parameter Selection Analysis for Servo Pneumatic Positioning System Saravanakumar. D, Mohan. B Click here to download
30 Performance and characteristics of a 4 stroke engine using hydrogen as an alternative fuel M.Francis Luther King, V.Srinivasan, T. Purushothaman Click here to download
31 Performance and emissions studies on a di compression ignition engine using LPG and rice bran oil in dual fuel mode Seralathan S, Akilan R, Sriram R Click here to download
32 Prediction of drop impact damage area on WGFRP composite laminate through acoustic emission data using artificial neural network P.Ramasamy and G.Ruth Priya Click here to download
33 Solar photovoltaic option for meeting power demand at pondicherry engineering college, V.S.shaisundaram , A.selvaraju 243 Click here to download
34 Static and model analysis of chassis by using FEA R.Rajappan, M.Vivekanandhan Click here to download
35 Structural analysis of micro turbine by using CFD R.Rajappan, K.Chandrasekar Click here to download
36 Surface modification using sintered electrode on electrical discharge machining C. Senthilkumar G. Ganesan M.Mushahid ali D.Nadanasabapathy M.Murugan Click here to download
37 A review on alternate fuel - Ethanol S.Kaviyarsan Click here to download
38 A study on overall equipment effectiveness of machines in automobile component manufacturing industry K.Raguvarun, R.Kesavan Click here to download
39 Failure analysis of Sandwich structures made of Aluminum face sheet and Aluminum Honeycomb core Senthilnagendran.C, K.Kalaichelvan, Suresh Kumar.J. Click here to download
40 Mechanical & Machining Characteristics of Al/B4C Metal Matrix Composites K. Rajkumar , J. Maria Antony Charles , K. Vinoth Kumar , J. John Charles Click here to download
41 Study of Microstructure and Mechanical properties of 5052 Aluminium alloy welded by MIG, TIG and friction stir welding processes Afsal.A.Kareem, A.Jothilingam Click here to download
42 Characterisation of hybrid nano composites Karthick T,Thomas Koilraj T, K.Kalaichelvan Click here to download
43 Design and structural analysis of 2U micro-satellite Ashok.MR , A.Rajadurai, K.Kalaichelvan Click here to download
44 Multi objective optimization of parallel machine scheduling using apparent tardiness cost method C.srinivasan , R.Ayyappan, S.sathish Click here to download
45 Heat transfer analysis of porous disc receiver for solar parabolic trough collector G.Naveenraj, M. Kannan, D. Rajendran 345 Click here to download
46 Sliding wear performance of ZnO/Short Coconut Fiber/Polyamide 66 hybrid composites P.Rajasekhar, G. Ganesan, C. Senthilkumar Click here to download
47 Effect of vegetal and synthetic tannins on the corrosion protection of metals S.Senthil Kumaran, M.Kishore Kumar Click here to download
48 Low-Cost Composite Materials and Structures for Aircraft Applications Prabhu periyasamy, Balamurugan.N Click here to download
49 Alternative design for reciprocating compressor driven by using a fluid piston to overcome limitations R.Ayyappan, C.Srinivasan Click here to download
50 Design And Fabrication of Exhaust Silencer for Construction Equipment J.Kingston Barnabas, R.Ayyappan, M.R.Devaraj Click here to download

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