India is growing by leaps and bounds to become a great leader in the field of software development and the industry.In today's modern world, computers are everywhere; home computers are connected to the world through the internet, ATM's, air traffic control systems and lots more.
To provide the students a sound foundation of theory & concepts in Computer Science and expose them to the forefront of the developments in the field of computing.
To become a centre of excellence in computer education and research to create the platform for industrial consultancy.
To meet the acute needs of trained specialists in the diversified fields of Computer Science & IT.

To be Engaged in life-long learning, such as post graduate study, to remain current in their profession and be leaders in our technological society
To produce intellectual graduates by empowering them to compete globally towards Professional Excellence.
• To enable our students to develop as outstanding professionals with high ethical standards to face the challenges of the next millennium.
 • Synergies the efforts of faculty members & students to bring innovation in teaching & learning process so as to realize our vision.
• Organize a pluralistic and supportive environment that will stimulate students and staff of the highest caliber and contribute immensely to the process of Nation building.
 • To set high standards of comprehensive and true education by developing the intellectual strength of students and guiding them towards technical advancement in the emerging areas of technology
• To fulfill the expectation of our society by equipping our students to stride forth as resourceful citizens, aware of their immense responsibility to make the world a better place

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