Faculty - Computer Science and Engineering
S.No Name Qualification Designation E-Mail
1 Dr.K.A.Parthasarathy M.E.,Ph.D. Director, Professor principalace1@gmail.com
2 Mr.M.Vijay Anand M.E.,(Ph.D) HOD, Professor hodcseace1@gmail.com
Dr.G.N.K.Suresh Babu M.E.,Ph.D Professor gnksureshbabu@gmail.com
4 Ms.R.Anitha M.E. Associate Professor anitha26s@gmail.com
5 Ms.D.Soundaravalli M.E. Associate Professor ganga_valli@yahoo.co.in
6 Ms.J.Mary Praveena M.Tech. Associate Professor pravinajoseph@gmail.com
7 Ms.P.Irin Saji M.E.
Assistant Professor irinsaji_87@yahoo.com
8 Mr.B.Rajalingam M.E., Assistant Professor rajalingam35@gmail.com
9 Mr.E.Nanda Kumar M.E., Assistant Professor Indu.nanda1987@gmail.com
10 Mr.S.Ramesh M.E., Assistant Professor ramesh.sankaran2@gmail.com
11 Mr.R.Elankavi M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor kavirajcse@gmail.com
12 Mr.R.Kalaiprasath M.E.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor kalaiprasath@ace.ac.in
13 Ms.R.Sathya M.E Assistant Professor sathya.rasi11@gmail.com
14 Ms.Thilagavathi M.E Assistant Professor Thilaga.cse011@gmail.com
15 Ms.A.Vidhya M.E. Assistant Professor staffcse11@gmail.com
16 Ms.M.Girubanandhini M.E Assistant Professor giruba.nandu@gmail.com
17 Ms.I.MaryLinda M.E. Assistant Professor catchlin.18@gmail.com
18 Mr.S.Gopinathan M.E. Assistant Professor sgopinathan2@gmail.com
19 Mr.C.Sakthivel M.E. Assistant Professor csakthiace@gmail.com
20 Ms.A.Gowthami M.E. Assistant Professor Gowthami1986@gmail.com
21 Mr.E.Kathirvel M.E., Assistant Professor kathirmecse@gmail.com

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