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   Faculty - Electronics and Communication Engineering
S.No Name Qualification Designation E-Mail
1 Mr.S.Vinothkumar M.E, M.B.A., (Ph.D) HOD,  Associate Professor aceece12@gmail.com
2 Mr.T.Karthikeyan M.E. Associate Professor kart_1729@yahoo.co.in
3 Ms. R. Prathiba M.E. Associate Professor prathiba_46@rediffmail.com
4 Mr. R. Saravanan M.E. Associate Professor saravananr.me@gmail.com
5 Mr. M. Paramasivam M.E. Associate Professor smpsivam@gmail.com
6 Ms. V. Lavanya M.E. Assistant Professor lavanya1520@yahoo.co.in
7 Mr.R.Prabu M.E.,M.B.A., Assistant Professor prabu.6037@gmail.com
8 Ms. S. Yamunadevi M.E. Assistant Professor slk_yamuna@yahoo.co.in
9 Mr.P.Balaji M.E. Assistant Professor balaae12@gmail.com
10 Ms.G. Magdelin Joenita M.Tech Assistant Professor magdalinjoenita@gmail.com
11 Ms.P.Sandhya M.E. Assistant Professor sandh_pari@yahoo.com
12 Ms.S.Poovizhi M.Tech Assistant Professor poovizhifriends@gmail.com
13 Mr.M. Vikash M.E. Assistant Professor vikaashmanick@gmail.com
14 Ms. V. Revathi M.E. Assistant Professor eng.revathi89@gmail.com
15 Mr. R. Varun M.E. Assistant Professor varuntr88@gmail.com
16 Mr. R. Muhilan M.Tech Assistant Professor muhilanmit@rocketmail.com
17 Ms.A.Vembulakshmi M.E. Assistant Professor vembulakshmi@ace.ac.in
18 Mr. K.Ayyanar M.E. Assistant Professor aiyanner@ace.ac.in
19 Mr. A.Manikandan M.E. Assistant Professor Manii@ace.ac.in
20 Ms.E.kothinayaki M.E. Assistant Professor kodhai@ace.ac.in
21 Mr. P. Mahendran M.E. Pro-term Lecturer mahendran_ece@ace.ac.in

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