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Department of Science and Humanities
Science and Humanities department is standing aside to strengthen the engineering studies from the base. It comprises the department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. It has dedicated and dutiful faculty members to improve the standards of students’
basic knowledge in engineering and science. Every year we conduct orientation programme for the first year budding engineers .

Objectives: To inculcate the application of science and humanities among the budding engineers to compete well in the global market.

First foot step : 1) Playing games give the students physical, mental and moral strength which teaches the team spirit among the individuals and also molds them to have the managerial skills while they lead the team.

2) Taking part in sports activities make the person to take both the failure and success equal and march forward to victory in life. Thus, we have the daily sports practice session from 4pm to 5.30pm.
Enhancement of results:"Practice makes perfect" according to the proverb, we give practice to the students for learning process and make them to study the lessons everyday. This process gives confidence and enables to face the university exams without fear.
The guidance given by the faculties used to increase the learning capacity of the students and make them to work hard for securing good marks.
The commencement of the academic year of our college (2009-2010) has produced good university results despite the students with low cut-off marks.
All the faculty members have been working with the intention of makingt the students sharp and bright to excel in their life.
Stepping Stones: To improve the writing skills of the first year students, we are conducting special classes to develop their vocabulary in English and making them carry out daily exercises. Besides this, we also give practices to read and speak in English. Through this coaching, students can listen and strengthen their own language. Hence, they can build up their interpersonal skills and partake in paper presentation and competitive exams. It helps to improve the communication skills and make them bold enough to face the placement activities.

This department, the backbone of the entire engineering education process, is efficiently supporting the engineering departments by providing high quality of training in basic sciences. Headed by the most experienced and highly qualified professor, this department has Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English under its canopy.
Most of the staff members in this department are well experienced and working for more than a decade. During the last academic year, the department had the utmost satisfaction of producing a pass percentage of 95% and above in individual subjects in the Ist Year B.E./ B.Tech. Anna University Examinations.

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